Militarization of the Police & Separation from the Citizenry. @MissLiyaP. Mercatus.

Jul 16, 2016, 06:16 AM

07-15-2016 (Photo: Ferguson police protests) Twitter: @BatchelorShow

Militarization of the Police & Separation from the Citizenry. Liya Palagashvili. Mercatus.@MissLiyaP.

“…The question for many is: Why are police failing us? One hypothesis that stems from a long line of research argues that police are more likely to become unaccountable when they are divorced from their communities. This research suggests that police departments should adopt what is referred to as "community policing," which encourages police to build a relationship with residents and to view them as partners in combating crime as opposed to having an "us versus them" mentality. “When departments use community-policing strategies, they move away from the "maximizing arrests" approach and divert their hours toward proactive, problem-oriented activities. This means police learn about why crime is occurring and employ strategies that may prevent crime from happening. Furthermore, police are less likely to "just shoot" someone they recognize as a member of their community. And on the residents' side, getting to know the officers helps them trust the police. If people trust the police, they are more likely to discuss information about potential suspects and other emerging problems in the community…”