The Play Podcast, Special Edition: Keeping Your Body and Soul Intact Over a Marathon of a Season

Jul 19, 2016, 12:41 PM

This week on The Play Podcast, Bobby Warshaw is joined by Herculez Gomez (Seattle Sounders, USMNT World Cup 2010) and Stephen Keel (formerly of NYRB, Colorado Rapids, and FC Dallas) to talk about how a player deals with the grind - and it is a grind - of an 11 month season. They give you the low down on what takes place behind the scenes so players can make it on the field every weekend. How does a professional player keep his body fresh and able to perform every single day? How does he deal with the emotional ups and downs of winning and losing? What advice, as sage old veterans, would they give the 17 year old getting his professional start?

Also.. it's our 18th episode. We're legal, ya'll!

Caution, there is some cussing (Keel...), though most is cut out.