Versarien hitting milestones for disruptive technology commercialisation

Jul 21, 2016, 09:15 AM

Neill Ricketts, chief executive of Versarien Plc (LON:VRS), says over the past year the advanced engineering materials specialist has hit significant milestones and there’s more to come. In terms of the graphene and the 3D printing space Ricketts is enthusiastic. “We’ve managed to get some really good test results which we’ll be telling the market about soon.”

Its low profile copper foam thermal solution is attracting the attention of the world’s largest companies including HP and Volkswagen. In fact 105 companies have become new customers in the period which Ricketts says ‘bodes well for the future.”

The chief is also seeing “exponential growth’ in the amount of companies contacting Versarien and its partner CT Engineering about the wonder material graphene. “There’s real demand from industry to get their hands on this material.” Ricketts says the priority now is to build capacity and build those relationships to become the dominant player in graphene.

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