Episode 89 - Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals, Lars & The Bastards)

Jul 21, 2016, 06:08 PM

This week it's hangin’ out with Lars down on a podcast street cause this week’s guest on Turned Out A Punk is Lars Frederiksen! Join Damian as he sits down with a punk legend to talk about going from seeing DOA and Black Flag at 10 to playing in the UK Subs and fucking it up, to changing the face of popular music forever. THIS IS ONE FOR THE AGES!

-This one is a big deal for Damian -Getting into KISS -Sean the punk move to town -Falling in love British music first -Meeting Social Distortion -They Live and breathing fire -Uncleared samples: Rancid’s original intro to “Avenues and Alleyways” -“Where is Lars’ Wrestlemania moment!?!?” -CM Punk talk -Going to see Black Flag and DOA at 10 and getting jumped by your own brother -How much more protective we are today. -Following Dennis Denell around a club and then Social Distortion coming over for frozen burgers -Lars’ was super cool to Damian’s younger brother -Fame as an escape from poverty -Grifting the import section Tower Records -WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DO PCP: How Lars bought Strength Thu Oi! and went to Juvy -Lars HATES Blitz’s Telecommunication -Why comps rule! -The Faction -Getting banned from family holidays -Being raised in a European family in America -Seeing Camper Van Beethoven with the DKs -The differences between the the Bay and LA back in the day -Why boneheads can should never be called skinheads -Getting initiated by the UK Subs: “YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR SCOTTISH PASSPORT?!?” -Get In The Drum Kit: The Necro’s story -Learning to play guitar -A guitar lesson from a fucked up Mike Ness -Making Simon Woodstock’s brothers guitar infamous -Fighting Simon Woodstock before Mike Muir -The Nowhere Men: Lar’s first band -Playing with the Melvins, JFA AND Bl’AST -Getting asked to join the UK Subs -Charlie Harper’s Campbell, California years -Moving to England -Getting booted from the Subs -AND MORE!!!!!