How's the USWNT Looking Ahead of Rio? We Asked the Enemy and the Veteran

Jul 25, 2016, 05:31 PM

This week on The Play, Bobby wanted to talk about the USWNT so he brought in two women who know a thing or two. He found a savvy veteran, Yael Averbuch, midfielder for FC Kansas City, who has 26 USWNT appearances and has played with and against the women on the national team for years. They are joined by New Zealand defender, Ali Riley. Yes, Ali plays for that New Zealand, the one that the USWNT plays in nine days. Ali found a quiet spot at the Olympic Village in Rio to join us to talk about what it's like to prepare for the Olympics; what it's like to go up agains the best team in the world; and what New Zealand needs to do to get an upset. (I'll say, as well, it's hard to listen to Ali and not become a NZ fan.)