SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Episode 49 - Large asteroid impact discovery...

Jul 27, 2016, 09:26 AM

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Hi....Stuart with the Show Notes for Episode 49:

Clues to one of the largest asteroid impacts in Earth’s history discovered in Western Australia Evidence for one of the largest asteroid impacts to ever have hit the Earth has been discovered in Western Australia. The impact – which occurred about 3.46 billion years ago -- is the second oldest dated collision in the planet’s history.

Why galaxies stop making stars A new study has determined why galaxies stop making new generations of stars. Astronomers found two separate processes are involved in ending star formation.

The hunt for dark matter continues following another failed search for the elusive particle A 20 month long search for a mysterious particle which makes up 80 percent of all the matter in the universe has failed to uncover the elusive identity of dark matter. The Large Underground Xenon dark matter experiment yielded no trace of a candidate particle despite the most sensitive search even conducted.

A new type of sand dune discovered on Mars Scientists have discovered a new type of sand dune on the surface of the red planet Mars which is unlike anything seen on Earth. The newly identified dune appears to be intermediate in size between tiny ripples and larger wavier dunes.

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