18 - Sarah Jones: manic pixie dream troll

Aug 07, 2016, 06:50 AM


Kirsten is unfortunately taking a break from the podcast at the moment so she can focus on her mental health & being a pansexual baby sloth faery, hence our long break in between episodes. Not sure what this means for us but for the moment Rose will take the reins. thank u for yr patience Swipe BBs <3 & pls send ur love vibes to Kirsten

This week on the poddy we have the wonderful and funny Sarah Jones!! She is the only red headed comedian and ventriloquist in Australia and embodies whose personal brand embodies the cutesie "manic pixie dream girl" aesthetic that Rose is constantly trying to avoid. that said while she might love dogs and knitting but she actually has a v dark sense of humour and can be just as much of a terrible person as any regular person lol

What they discuss:

  • the terrifying idea of "settling" in your 30s.
  • the prospect of dying alone that arises when Rose wants a relationship but only gets together with emotionally damaged commitment-phobes & Sarah is a commitment phobe who only gets together with guys who put her on a pedestal and want to lock down a relationship
  • Sarah provides the best description of OKCupid ever “OKcupid is like you walk into a bar, and you’re the only woman and the bar is in a prison. and their might be some nice guys there, but there are so many guys offering to suck your toes”
  • Rose's pony tail pulling date

and other cool stuff!! get amongst it.

also Rose is doing her solo show in Sydney in September if u wanna come - http://fringecomedy.com.au/single-event?show_id=1095

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