08/08/2016 Myles Garrett

Aug 08, 2016, 04:50 PM

Aggies defensive lineman Myles Garrett joins John and Raheel at Kyle Field to talk about his role as one of the nation’s top prospects. Myles shares how he stays focused with all of the media attention, as well as his list of goals, the importance of getting stronger and the proper mentality. The guys talk the election with Myles as he is studying political science, and he has some good insight on the candidates. Myles and a group of other Aggies took a trip to Haiti this offseason and he talks what that meant for them as a team. When it came to media day, don’t ask Myles who the ugliest player on the team is. They finish the interview off with some College Station food recommendations for Raheel. #GRD #Roadshow #A&M #MylesGarrett #Goals #PoliSci #CStatFood