SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Epidsode 54 - Alien Megastructure Star Mystery

Aug 12, 2016, 09:30 AM

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Hi...Stuart with the Show Notes foe Series 19 Episode 54...

*Alien megastructure star still a mystery Follow up observations of a weird erratically flickering and dimming star has failed to find an explanation for the strange stellar behaviour. The star named KIC 8462852 is so unusual -- one scientist even suggested it could be our first sign of a hypothetical alien megastructure called a Dyson Sphere.

*The world’s first interplanetary mining mission It’s not the Nostromo made famous in the movie Alien, but the world’s first commercial interplanetary mining mission will launch a precursor flight next year before venturing off in to deep space to mine a near Earth asteroid. Australia changing its address

*Australia is about to change its address. Federal government hasn’t updated the continent’s coordinate system since 1994.causing existing GPS navigation systems to be off by about one and a half metres.

*New project to study dark energy The United States has given final approval for a new project to study dark energy – a mysterious force whose properties will determine the ultimate fate of the universe. The 3-D sky-mapping project called the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument or DESI will measure the light of millions of galaxies.

*Revolutionary Wifi invention selected for World in 100 Objects Exhibition A revolutionary 1992 Australian invention that led to Wi-Fi has been chosen by the National Museum of Australia to be part of the A History of the World in 100 Objects exhibition, opening in Canberra next month. The exhibition will showcase items from around the globe to explore human history, sourcing the oldest objects from the British Museum's collection and incorporating those from the present day.

*The possibility of creating a new type of photon New research suggests that it is possible to create a new form of light by binding a photon to a single electron and combining the properties of both. The combined photon electron would have properties that could lead to circuits that work with packages of photons instead of electrons.

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