Episode 93 - Brix Smith-Start (The Fall, Adult Net, Brix and The Extricated)

Aug 20, 2016, 03:25 PM

There are the good ones and there are the better ones and this is even better than that! This week Damian is joined by legend Brix Smith-Start to talk about life before the Fall as well as Adult Net and her fantastic new book! Also covered:

Having Punk Parties after school

Not being allowed to go se the Runaways and Ramones

Susan Hoff and Brix go to Rodney’s… little intense

Queen: The best live band EVER

Not ascribing to a tribe

a passion for fashion

the Clash and The Stray Cats

The UK Post Punk

Selling your fancy clothes to get music

The Carpenters RULES

The Vocals Change: Aerosmith to Discharge

Seeing U2 on their first tour

Hard Edge New Wave

Knowing you would wind up in England

A step-father goes looking for a Vivian Westwood Pirate outfit.

Nice guys do make Rock N Roll: Meeting the Ramones in highschool

Being bad a kid in the big bad city of New York.

Murdered classmates

Puking on Heroin on Joey Ramone

Going to A7… ONCE

Bad Brains

Black Flag

Touring with Gun Club

Building a Scene: Sugar Cubes, The Bad Seeds, Pussy Galore, Swans Neibaten

Marcia Schofield: the wild one

Being the one that keeps the wheels on the road in all senses

Giving Nirvana your rider

Everything changes

The model breaks

Martin Mills: the enduring force

John Robb: the best ad for Straight Edge Vegan Life

Forming a band

Banda Dratsing

Bret Easton Ellis: was he punk?

and so much more!!!!