CAMPAIGN UPDATE #02 :: Stream on!

Aug 21, 2016, 01:21 PM


I hope this little message finds you well.

As I speak, it’s a little bit before 11 o’clock on Sunday morning - David Bailey MBE is about to hand over to Stuart Hardy on the stream. The girls are out, so I’ve got the place to myself.

I’m in my new office (for those of you who’ve been to Casa Layton, we’ve put a wall up in our living room dividing it into two. Work in progress) I’m recording on our old kit which Rupert and I got out of storage in the basement of Riverside Studios on Thursday.

Kind of a metaphor for the week really, but More of that later.

I’m going to kick off with a couple of thank yous.

Richie, thank you for your support and permission to use you as a reference. Really important to the station. Will get the ZoneOneReggaes onto the stream next week. Felix, you’re a legend. Thank you for all the work you’ve done and will continue to do chopping up other people’s content for daytime clips. Susan and Stuart, thank you for getting us up to 1,635 facebook likes - up 700 in just under two weeks. Sheila, thank you for your intelligence. It has informed my thinking a lot this week. Rupert thanks for helping with the kit and for helping with our first run through of the application form. There are only a couple of bits I’m worried about, but we can share them with the group over the next couple of weeks

So, you may have noticed there is now a ZoneOneRadio stream up and running.

There are two key parts to that stream - 1. Daytime Output and 2. Evening and Weekend Appointment-to-listen Specialist Output

  1. Daytime Output

So, first, daytime…

Our new daytime output is based on a music policy and a clock designed for Radio Verulam by my very clever Radio Response business partner David Harber.

David has won “Station of the Year” at the National Commercial Radio Awards and has been a jduge in the “Programming” category for the Sony Awards.

It’s good.

For those of you who are a bit anoraky, ping me and I’ll share the details with you.

I’ve learnt a lot from David about the commercial radio world and the psychology of radio listening in the last year, but one sentence that has stuck in my head more than any other has been “It NEEDS to be FAMILIAR”

We spent a lot of time and effort a couple of years ago trying to maintain “A-” and “B-lists” of new releases on a similar scale to BBC Radios 1 and 2 - without a great deal of success.

For a local commercial station - which ZoneOneRadio needs to be if we are going to survive once we’ve got the licence - daytime listening needs to be like a comfy pair of slippers.

Too much new music and people will tune out.

But panic not! We’re not going to turn into Heart. I’ve made a couple of tweaks to the original blueprints, brought the music a couple of decades forward and injected a bit of the old ZoneOneRadio ethos. I think the result is a broader, more ambitious palette of music that will appeal to our target audience of 25 to 45 year old AB Londoners.

LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk is Playing in my House” for example slots neatly ino our “CLASSIC 00s” category.

So the music’s done basically.

The other key element of our daytime output is short form clips of our evening and weekend appointment-to-listen specialist output.

Which brings me on to

  1. Evening and Weekend Appointment-to-listen Specialist Output

So, it’s not just our kit that I’ve dragged out of storage this week. You may have noticed that your shows have started appearing on the stream and on the website, facebook and twitter.

I mentioned last week that I didn’t want any more content - too time consuming. The next couple of months is going to be busy enough without us having to produce new shows and spend an hour or so per show getting them online.

We have over 800 hours of top quality radio programming in the bank.

On returning to it, it’s become apparent that we have so much, that we can schedule it in block of 2 or three ho...