Australia Confronts China Supremacy without US Supremacy. Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs.

Aug 27, 2016, 05:46 AM


(Photo: HMAS Sheean (SSG 77) at Fremantle, Western Australia. The Royal Australian Navy today is a medium-sized modern navy in world terms but is one of the strongest navies in the Asia Pacific Region. Today, the combat fleet of the RAN is made up of eight Anzac-class frigates, four Adelaide-class frigates, fourteen patrol boats of the Armidale class, and six Collins-class submarines. The RAN also comprises an amphibious and supply force to transport the Australian Army and to resupply the combat arm of the navy.[150] The RAN is divided into seven Force Element Groups (FEGs): Surface Combatants, Amphibious Warfare Forces and Afloat Support Force, Naval Aviation, Submarine Force, Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving, Patrol Boat Force and the Hydrographic Force. The FEG's were formed to manage the operations of the separate sections of the RAN in a more efficient way.[151][needs update]

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Australia Confronts China Supremacy without US Supremacy. Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs.

“…The former foreign affairs minister Gareth Evans has warned the Turnbull government risks adopting a cold war mindset with China, and he says clear investment ground rules are needed urgently to safeguard Australia’s long-term economic and strategic interests.

Evans was speaking at a National Press Club debate on Tuesday about the relationship between China and the United States with Hugh White, professor of strategic studies at the Australian National University.

Both men addressed the recent decision by the treasurer, Scott Morrison, to block the sale of Ausgrid, the NSW electricity company, on national security grounds.

The two bidders for the electricity infrastructure were China’s largest state-owned company, the State Grid Corporation of China, and the privately owned, Hong Kong-listed Cheung Kong Infrastructure, controlled by the billionaire Li Ka-shing….”

“…Meanwhile, the French Government and DCNS was now faced with the difficult task of explaining to its other major clients, particularly India, how the compromise on the most sensitive operational capability details of the Scorpene-class boats can be remedied. The Australian’s article noted: “A variant of the same French-designed Scorpene is also used by the navies of Malaysia, Chile and, from 2018, Brazil, so news of the Edward Snowden-sized leak — revealed today — will trigger alarm at the highest level in these countries. Marked ‘Restricted Scorpene India’, the DCNS documents detail the most sensitive combat capabilities of India’s new US$3-billion (A$3.9-billion) submarine fleet and would provide an intelligence bonanza if obtained by India’s strategic rivals, such as Pakistan or China.”

The article continued: “Any stealth advantage for the navy’s new submarines would be gravely compromised if data on its planned combat and performance capabilities was leaked in the same manner as the data from the Scorpene. The leaked DCNS data details the secret stealth capabilities of the six new Indian submarines, including what frequencies they gather intelligence at, what levels of noise they make at various speeds and their diving depths, range and endurance — all sensitive information that is highly classified. The data tells the submarine crew where on the boat they can speak safely to avoid detection by the enemy. It also discloses magnetic, electromagnetic and infra-red data as well as the specifications of the submarine’s torpedo launch system and the combat system.”

It is significant that no-one in the discussion has raised the fact that the six new Indian Scorpenes were to cost $3-billion ($500-million each) when the 12 Australia...

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US military hardware and software is far superior to Eurotrash.
Wherefore ?
US war machines are perfected in combat operations around the world.