Using social media in education


I’ve recorded an audioboo as a contribution to the consultation on the use of ICT in education taking place currently. In it, I suggest that children are not the experts in the use of technology and that as teachers, we should be able to become sufficiently digitally literate to enable its effective use in support of our teaching practice, grounded as it should be in the pedagogy and theories of education.... ##eduscotict ##edutalk #inclusion #gtcs #COPAC

Oct 08, 2011, 03:12 PM, Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland
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cullaloe - almost 6 years ago

Thanks, John. To be fair, I do think that Mike is aware of online culture as one can be whilst in a ministerial office - his use of twitter, blipfoto (as @feorlean) is testament to that. I also believe that his engagement with us through #EDIFF and #eduscotICT is the envy of other countries, not least south of the border. I am not convinced that any government, devolved or otherwise, has the power to make significant cultural change in education the way things are: the real and only power is in the hands of COSLA and the grace and favour of LA politics. I can verify from first-hand experience that this is corrupt, dysfunctional and the biggest obstacle to innovation and progress faced by all involved in education.


johnjohnston - almost 6 years ago

Hi Richard,
After the audio comment fail:
1. I agree that young people are not necessarily the tech experts and we need to be wary of this sort of thinking.
2. It may be about the teach not the tech but if the tech is clunky (see glow) it becomes about the tech, I want tools that become invisible.
3. Although the minister putting the word out on youtube was interesting I wonder if he really has a grasp of online culture. I would have been nice to put it out under a creative comments license . I would have liked to see some mashups, I would have stripped audio an posted on soundcloud for some community annotation, etc
Thanks for the contribution to edutalk hope to hear some more soon.