Episode 94 -Sarde Hardie and Greg Benedetto (Not Dead Yet Fest [ and S.H.I.T.])

Aug 27, 2016, 06:28 PM

Get ready for not one, but two of the key voices in the current wave of punk in Toronto: Sarde and Greg! Between putting on Toronto’s coolest fest, putting out records, helping drive bands and playing in them, they each put more effort into helping the Toronto punk scene than most people do at an actual job. Get ready as Damian sits down with two people that are making sure that Punk and Hardcore isn’t just a nostalgia trip.

Also covered:

Mouse doesn’t like Damian

Sarde out ranks Greg

Just a couple Juno nominees hanging out

punk comps at the mall: CHEAP AND PLENTIFUL!

Sastchwan punk



Decontrol: a dollar bin prairie gem

Liberty spikes in a small town

Unknowingly being at Christian Hardcore shows

Wishing you could drive

Greg goes to see 10 Speed Hero

Moneen: The Band of Brampton

Dylan Dog:

Brampton and the Prairies: similar vibes

Book distro

Guess who doesn’t like Propagandhi!?!?!?

Weakerthans: The band of Winnipeg

The Royal Albert

Greg’s gushing defence of Propagandhi


Weird awesome 90’s comps

G-Money: Brampton legend

The Amazingness of Winnipeg

Comeback Kid

Under Pressure: he best Japanese punk band from outside Japan

Winnipeg is for diehards: “I couldn’t hack it.”

If you are in this long enough someone’s going to shit.

The return of Drugs

Matt LaForge’s hardcore theory

Wash ’N' Slosh: a Laundromat/ bar

Radical Attack


Nazis get their car flipped

Prune gets naked at a show

Bars and All-ages show

forming S.H.I.T.

Sarde: Future HC Simon Cowell

and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!