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Aug 31, 2016, 10:16 PM

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Hue Jackson, coach of the team, has confirmed that the rookie will begin in the third preseason game, which makes him a de facto holder.

DeShone Kizer has won the battle for the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback. Hue Jackson, the team's coach, has confirmed him as the first QB to step on the field in the third day of preseason and that, in fact, is to give him the keys of the team for the first day of the regular season.

The third August matchup in the NFL is the most important. It serves to make the starting team play half a game, more or less, and is understood as a general rehearsal facing the beginning of the competition. Rare is the starter in this match that is not fifteen days later when the results start to count.

In Cleveland the battle has been strange. Cody Kessler started off with an advantage for being on the team last year. DeShone Kizer was the favorite of the fans because they are always rookies in which his good draft pick is spent, in this case no less than a very high second round. Brock Osweiler was the foreign body, arrived on the team along with a second round of the Houston Texans, which they had to pay for someone to keep.

The latter, Osweiler, had many more opportunities and many more titles, more played with the main attack, than one might expect, and now it is clear that the Browns did it to put it on the market. If any team is interested in it they could still get some juice. And it would not be unreasonable for the Indianapolis Colts, who are still suffering from Andrew Luck's shoulder, to make a call to the Cleveland offices in this regard.

I say it is clear why not really DeShone Kizer has advanced to the right, without flashing and lifting the stickers, but Hue Jackson has confirmed that Osweiler will not play anything in this week's game.

Kizer, from the University of Notre Dame, has a tremendous opportunity in front of him. Chosen in the second round, which limits the pressure it would have had to have been a first round, you can enjoy an offensive line that looks great and a body of receivers and runners who are not elite, correct, but neat to compete. He is not going to demand that the team win inbound matches and will not put on his men the weight of the attack so that everything passes through him.

With this decision we are only waiting for a quarterback battle in the NFL, that of the New York Jets. No, it's not the most glamorous of the disputes, with Christian Hackenberg and Josh McCown as protagonists.

The Cleveland Browns have already defined what equipment they will be. From here on DeShone Kizer will become one of the faces of the franchise and its responsibility, for the moment, will be to not lose the job or let the ground that has generated the illusion . That spending a year "learning" in the band and polishing their game has disappeared in just one month. And the question is open Brock Osweiler will be cut? Will it be transferred? Will you be starting another site? We will know in a very short time.

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