James Campbell on working at Williams & Mercedes, starting his own agency and an exciting future for F1

Sep 09, 2016, 06:00 AM

James Campbell is former Digital Manager at Formula 1 heavyweights Williams and Mercedes. He joined the German giants operation just as Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton and Niko Rosberg got together to start dominating the sport.

In 2015 he joined forces with his Mercedes colleague Nick Jackman to form a new digital agency, Fifty Digital (fifty.digital).

During the podcast we talked about - How he got into Formula 1 - Life at Williams and Mercedes - Why he left the comfort of Mercedes to start his own agency - Fan engagement within F1 and lack of access - Learning from US motorsport and Formula E - The drivers coming through who show F1 has a bright future - The entry of Heineken into the sport as a major sponsor - Which teams are doing digital well and who is no.1 - The future for Fifty Digital

Twitter: @JCampbell

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