S6E09 - A Spurs Smorgasbord


With Flav in hiding after an Erotic Eriksen Show in Stoke, Windy steps in to host, alongside Bardi, Spooky and Thelonious. The first course is us purring over a brilliant win against Stoke, before we get stuck into Monaco. Flav was supposed to do the youth round up, but got stuck in another country, so Alex took over to provide the half time knowledge dish, before we finish off with a look at Sunderland, the sincerity, or lack thereof of footballers on social media, and the enigma that is Daniel Levy.

Entrées: Bardi, Spooky, Thelonious and Windy

Sep 14, 2016, 10:23 AM
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danieldale11 - 10 months ago

Excellent podcast as usual. Flav who??