Whisk(e)y Business Episode 005 - Akashi Red and Akashi White Oak

Sep 16, 2016, 02:25 PM

For Episode 005, we double (quadruple?) up with not only two bottles of whiskey, but also our first ever guest Business Lad! In the blue corner we have the slightly more expensive Akashi White Oak, in the red corner we have the scrappy, the feisty, the Akashi...Red. Tune in to see if cost has a direct correlation to enjoyment in obscure Japanese whiskeys, and what else the Lads have to say about baseball, reciting movies from front to back, and a lot (really a lot) more! Rogers goes toe-to-toe with our guest, Mel refuses to take geography corrections on board, and Karl has some fine suggestions for a post-Brexit Union Jack.

As always, enjoy your alcohol responsibly!

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