The Damned Set Piece 2nd Ball Puts Dallas Ahead in US Open Cup

Sep 20, 2016, 10:00 AM

This week on The Play, Bobby (midfielder, Harrisburg City Islanders) is joined by Stephen Keel (former MLS defender) and Corey Woolfolk (former USL striker) to discuss Matt Hedges' go-ahead-goal in the U.S. Open Cup final between FC Dallas and the New England Revolution. How was he so open?!? They talk about the difficulty of defending the second ball from a set piece and the chaos that ensues in the box.

The guys also have a slight disagreement over the phenomenon of poking the dragon (because anyone watching the game could tell Dallas was going to win easily after NE scored early), Stephen gives the low down on his former team's (Dallas) chances of winning more trophies, and then Corey goes all "get off my porch" on the current quality of MLS teams.