Episode 98 - Allyson Baker (Dirty Ghosts, Teen Crud Combo)

Sep 23, 2016, 02:32 AM

The greatest of great news! This week on the show Damian is joined by a person who almost single handily made Toronto punk cool again: Allyson Baker! That’s right, this week on Turned Out A Punk we’re joined by the Dirty Ghost & Teen Crud Combo guitarist for one hell of a conversation about being set on a path, from your first show onwards.

Also touched on:

The Deadhead babysitter

Searching to subculture

Rock Variety is still open!

The Doors: not quite it

Hating Nirvana until it clicks and having it change your life

Kurt talking about Flipper.

Alison’s Drake connection

Listening to Sex Bomb in Forest Hill

Daddy was a jazz drummer

“Duran Duran was my New Kids On The Block”

Going to see Flipper

The greatest first punk show story EVER!!!!

Emergency Melba Toast

A night that changed a life

Getting in to the local music scene


hangin’ with the smoking kids

hangin’ with Project 9

Meeting Jamie Towns: The spike haired kid at the Suckerpunch show

Forming a band with Rob From Hockey Teeth

The Shuttlecocks

Random Killing

Dirty Bird

Armed And Hammered

Dissed by the punx “Where did you get the shirt!?!?!”: Finding Rotate This

Becoming a great Guitarists

getting thrown of Rivioli

“Those are those girls!”

JC and the Mods ’N’ Rockers Connection

Jamie joins AntiFlag and Alison joins Armed’N’Hammered

Teen Crud Combo forms

The influence of Moorhead


Jamie reuturns and TCC becomes awesome!