The Magical Success of Anxiety Feat. Jess Williams EP#18 Stay Real With Amber Podcast

Sep 29, 2016, 06:20 AM

Jess Williams, founder of Create Live Grow shares her deeply personal journey through anxiety and how despite it still existing in her life, even at times today, she has transformed her anxiety into magic.

By the end of the show you will realise that:

Anxiety isn't something or somewhere we are, it's an experience. One you can move through with love.

Jess, a self proclaimed introvert (not a dirty word), has overcome a level of anxiety within herself, that some would call crippling. From bursting out into sweats in public situations to crawling up into a bawl for hours after a dinner with her friends. As we discus her experience, we realise "timing is everything" and how what was once a nightmare, has enabled her to help others transform self doubt and anxieties and live freely.

A few minutes in Jess express the freedom for which she is now able to "show the entirety of me" and how when she saw a psychologist for more clarity a few years ago, she was strong and clear that "the anxiety isn't who I am, I am not a diagnosis".

During the talk Jess shares some simple, yet fundamental tools that can help anyone and everyone who has experienced this very natural feeling of anxiety, overcome it with practice and application of these tools, patience and self love.

Find out more about Jess's 30 Day Challenge, her free CLG app and more at the website here.

From her blog...

"Create Live Grow is a hub of information, inspiration, interviews and knowledge. My aim is to create an inspiring, funky, beautiful site with content by women , for women who are seeking to create an amazing life (as cheesy as that may sound) – not on the outside but on the inside. To FEEL fulfilled. To hear stories from the girl next door and how she manages it.

I have found from personal experience that it’s often easy to think we aren’t good enough, or talk ourselves out of a great idea.

Create Live Grow brings us all together on a platform that supports each other in this process."

We hope you got as much out of this as we did.

Sharing is caring, and if you are human, and know someone who has ever felt the grips of anxiety, shoot this episode to them so they to, understand how normal it is, and that they are not alone.

Love, ambz