Episode 1: Resolution Revolution

Jan 28, 2016, 07:54 PM

This week’s episode, titled ‘Resolution Revolution’, touches on the (often daunting) task of creating our resolutions for the year. There seems to be an unrealistic, romanticized aura that surrounds the New Year. We get it: it’s the beginning of an entirely new calendar year, and it’s easier to set up goals within such convenient pre-determined parameters such as the beginning and end of a year. But let’s be serious: how personal can those be? Why hasn’t the idea of having a birthday resolution caught on more? We can’t be the only ones thinking it. Now don’t get us wrong: we believe in the power of goal-setting and know that people can change and grow. But the truth is we don’t magically transform into new people with incredible resolve and will-power. Knowing yourself, and what makes you prone to quitting and how to avoid those pitfalls, set us up for more success (#keystosuccess) in regards to our goals. Since a long list of ways to not suck this year, seems a daunting, discouraging, and depressing task, why not adopt the idea of a word for the year? This word would guide your focus through the year. Benzy’s word for the year is: RISK Wilx’s word for the year is: ACCOUNTABILITY What’s your word for this year, and what areas do you find it impacting the most? So here we have it: this week’s: “DUH!” Moments: Why not adopt the notion of a Birthday Resolution, which is personal to YOU?You must know yourself and not delude yourself when setting up resolutions. Don’t limit yourself at all, but set yourself up for successHow about condensing your goals into one word, which would be the focus of the next 12 months, whether you choose to do so on the New Year or on your birthday?Let us know what your word or resolution for this year is. Do you prefer the idea of birthday resolutions? Sound off in the comments, or hit us up through Instagram, Twitter, or e-mail. Hope you enjoy this episode. We’ll be back next week with a new topic!