India Crosses the Line of Control. Sadanand @Dhume, @AEI. @GordonGChang.

Oct 06, 2016, 04:01 AM

10-05-2016 (Photo: Line of Control) Twitter: @BatchelorShow

India Crosses the Line of Control. Sadanand @Dhume, @AEI. @GordonGChang.

Tensions flared two weeks after a militant attack on an Indian camp left 19 border guards dead. The Indian Army reported launching “surgical strikes against terrorists” last Thursday across the Line of Control (LoC), the militarized de-facto border between the two parts of Kashmir. Pakistan denied that the incursion had occurred, claiming that cross-border shelling from India had killed two Pakistani soldiers.

The situation escalated further after India reported yet another attack in Kashmir that targeted the camp of India’s 46 Rashtriya Rifles in Baramulla on Sunday evening, triggered an Indian manhunt for at least six gunmen involved in the raid, who had retreated under cover of darkness, according to Indian reports. According to the Times of India report, Indian generals say they have an opportunity to destroy 40 militant “launch pads” hosting over 200 troops if they are given the green light for the operation. “We have the opportunity right now. Everyone is geared up and we have a much stronger hold on LoC than the other side. This is the time to make an actual difference that will deter cross-border terror support,” an Army official reportedly said.

India has started constructing underground bunkers along its frontier with Pakistan in Kashmir in the past two weeks, amid growing fears the nuclear-armed rivals are preparing for a major escalation in conflict. The fortification work comes as troops on the Indian side told the Telegraph that cross-border gunfire in northern Kashmir now occurs “every night”. Work on the bunkers began after a deadly militant attack on India’s Uri army base in north Kashmir on September 18, which killed 19 soldiers and provoked massive public anger in India.