10/10/2016 Granato and Raheel with Del Hour 1

Oct 10, 2016, 03:29 PM

John, Raheel and Del begin the show discussing how the Minnesota Vikings defense is amazing and they don’t care about you, they will destroy you. They each give one word describing the Houston Texans effort vs. the Vikings on Sunday. Staying on the Texans topic, they point out the positives from the game while recapping the game. Talking about the Texans they discuss how bad QB Brock Osweiler is and how long you give him before bringing in backup Tom Savage to start. They talk about Brock’s strengths and weaknesses. They transition to College Football and talk about the Tennessee Vols’ game against Texas A&M and their season. The Navy offense is great and what does University of Houston Cougars have to hope for now? They go back to the Houston Texans and wonder what has GM Rick Smith done? Everyone talks about the Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey has done but what has Rick Smith done? John wonders why Texans keep getting blown out? They close the hour discussing how long before Head Coach Bill O’Brian gets fired? When will he get fired? #HoustonTexans #MinnesotaVikings #BrockOsweiler #TennesseeVols #TexasA&M #UniversityOfHoustonCougars #RickSmith #BillOBrian