Episode 101 - Zach Bair (Rise Against, Hagfish) & MVP (Wrestler - WWE, NJPW): THE LOST CHAPTER

Oct 14, 2016, 02:10 PM

THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE YET! Zach Blair is the internationally famous guitarist of Rise Against who grew up in a small town in Texas. MVP is an international wrestling superstar that has been at the top of the card for almost every major wrestling company in the world. When they were teenagers the two would have a chance meeting one night in a local park and in spite of their differences, connect over a mutual love of punk while MVP was in Texas trying to escape the violence that surrounded him back home. The two would have a major impact on each others lives, but over time lost touch. Now for the first time in 20 years the two reconnect to talk about meeting, the shared love of punk, why MVP disappeared one night and having to calm down the Macho Man. Also touched on:

Thesis of the whole show summed up in a episode

Damian Abraham: punk matchmaker

Zach growing up metal in Sherman Texas

Zach and three outcast metalheads hanging out in the park

“Cosmic, on multiple levels.”

MVP getting out of Miami to get away from the violence

MVP tagging up the park

bonded together by a love of metal and punk

A gangbanger becomes the muscle for the outcast metalheads: “NOW WE CAN DEFEND OURSELVES”

Getting in fights with the normals

The Burnouts VS. The Skatekids

MVP’s long term memory is INSANE

Teenage MVP vs The Rodeo Rider: Champion VS Champion

Zach and Donny learning to stand up for themselves

MVP sings the Toadies

Metalheads in the garage

“Don’t you say a word against Priest, Jack!”

MVP has to leave town quick!: One HELL of a night!

There is life outside of this town!

Zach plays MVP Voivod

The Jam at the Dam

The skinny bald white guy in a “Badass” shirt walks into a bar.

Macho Man shows up at a Gwar/Misfits shows

The Punk/Wrestling Connection!

Dave Brockie Stories