TNT 1622: All Your Eggs in One Startup

Hosts: Megan Morrone, Jason Howell

Guests: Miguel Helft, Steve Kovach

According to the Intercept, 50 civil liberties and human rights groups have sent a letter to the Department of Justice demanding an investigation into the widespread use of facial recognition technology by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Yahoo and Intel reported earnings today. What exactly happens when someone shows up to the airport with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in hand? And good news! If you ordered a Tesla Model 3 back in the spring, you only have a little over a year to wait for yours.

Miguel Helft, San Francisco Bureau Chief at Forbes talks about Prelude Fertility, a $200 million startup from serial entrepreneurMartin Varsavsky, who wants to stop the biological clock. Steve Kovach, Senior Correspondent from Business Insider, says he might buy Google's new Pixel instead of an iPhone 7.Download or subscribe to this show at

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Oct 18, 2016, 11:39 PM
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