Schiaparelli Mars lander lost on its final decent - SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Episode 74

Oct 23, 2016, 01:51 AM

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Series 19 Episode 74: *Europe’s Schiaparelli Mars lander lost on its final decent to the red planet’s surface. Mission managers at the European space Agency are still struggling to re-establish contact with its Schiaparelli Mars lander. The 577 kilogram spacecraft lost contact with ESA mission control in Darmstadt Germany during its six minute journey to the surface of the red planet.

*Juno spacecraft suddenly enters emergency safe mode
NASA’s Juno spacecraft which is exploring Jupiter suddenly entered safe mode on Tuesday. Early indications are a software performance monitor induced a reboot of the spacecraft’s on board computer. The operation prevented the probe’s science instruments from working during the Jovian flyby.

*More evidence for a ninth planet on the edge of our solar system The yet to be discovered Planet Nine -- which may lurk beyond Neptune on the dark outer rim of our solar system – could explain the mysterious six degree difference between the Sun’s equator and the ecliptic or average orbital plane of the planets. The new findings provide astronomers with their first compelling evidence to explain the unusual wobble of the planets with respect to the Sun’s equator.

*Expedition 49 Launch to the International Space Station A Russian Soyuz rocket has successfully launched into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the central Asian republic of Kazakhstan carrying three new expedition 49 crew members to the International Space Station. It will be a busy time for the new crew with more than 250 experiments scheduled -- covering biology, Earth sciences, human research, physical sciences and technology development.

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