Dr Steve Gennaro, York University (Toronto) & All In Sports Talk

Nov 04, 2016, 07:30 AM

Dr Steve Gennaro is a professor at York University in Toronto, Canada teaching communication and media studies. The other side to his career is that of co-founder and director at AllInSportsTalk.com and reporter/host at TotalFootball889.

We met at Villa Park where he was one of my guest speakers at Digital Sport Summit 2016 and recorded the podcast before guests arrived for the day. He's a fascinating person and offers up some brilliant advice and experiences.

He's a podcaster of enormous experience having started his own journey with RaptersRepublic.com which he co-founded through the True Hoop Network for ESPN in 2007. Then in 2010 it took off with 000's of listens and going onto on the Anfield Index which had hundred's of thousands of listens.

We talked in depth about the improvements in podcasting (obviously!) and how easy it is now, his career in education, the change in sports consumption habits, his theory that NFL should buy Twitter - you heard it here first! - and what his plans are for All IN Sports Talk.

You can follow Steve on @_sgennaro and @ALLinSportsTalk

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