Episode 104 - 2 Year Anniversary Special With Jonah Falco (Smartboys, Career Suicide, Fucked Up)

Nov 05, 2016, 03:21 PM

The good times and sad times, they’ll be on your side for ever more! That’s what Jonah is for! This week on the show, Damian welcomes his tour roommate and best bud: Jonah Falco from Career Suicide and tons of other stuff!!!! Sit back and listen as we find out what it's like to be a stuck in a room with Damian for 10 years and how Jonah and Martin stole Career Suicide from the OG members! Also covered:

Jonah loses control of Damian

The Fucked Up plan

Damian and Jonah talk Mike

Damian’s brother Tristan exposes punk to Jonah

Loving Soundgarden and grunge

going to Ottawa and coming back with orange hair, a chain necklace and Sex Pistols tape

Jonah’s family: not really into the whole punk vibe.

Jonah’s Uncle ”knows a guy” that can find Black Flag CDs

No Doubt with the Vandals and Civ

The Feederz and animals

Punks tipping point

“I’m getting into Hip-Hop”

getting a free bag of CDs

Ska-Ska-Oi: a right of passage

Jonah Da SHARP skin

Jonah takes down his boots

Local bands

Going to Who’s Emma?

loving Madball

Toronto falls in love with The Swarm

the huge influence of Chris Colohan

“Johnny New York and The Stinkbombs”

Louanne and Full Blast is the BEST

Chris Harper: the nice one

Jonah’s first show weird ass show Martin from Career Suicide: a very different kid

Jonah and Martin’s punk Jackets

Trial: the band

Bored Of Eduction demo: The worst thing to ever come out of Toronto?

As One becomes Scare Tactic

Jonah falls in love with AOD

The rise of early ’00s TOHC

Scare Tactic VS Haymaker


And more!!!!!!