Captain America

May 03, 2016, 02:00 AM

Let's open up someclassified Army documents and learn just how Steve Rogers, CaptainAmerica, won World War 2 for us! Just before he goes out to fightin his own Civil War.  So sit back and enjoy as Ashleyand Jason begin their lesson. You might learnsomething. Enter your MindUniversity! Be careful! This podcastcontains SPOILERS. So if you don't wantto know what happens, then you should come backlater.  Support the show onPatreon and listen to the Patreon exclusive GeekHistory Lesson EXTRA podcast! GET OUR RECOMMENDEDREADING from this episode here: Listen on Itunes or Stitcher.  You can help support the show bybuying a Geek History Lesson T-Shirt! Goto! The best geek & gamer gearcomes from Lootcrate, save 10% with codeJAWIIN: Make sure to visit our Facebookfanpage:  and Our officialsite forthe latest news on episodes and more geek facts.  You can find Ashley onTwitter @AshleyVRobinson andJason on Twitter @Jawiin.  Thanks for showing up to classtoday. Class dissmissed!