Manhattan Trembles after the Trump Win. @LizPeek, @FiscalTimes.

Nov 12, 2016, 06:18 AM

11-12-2016 (Photo:Demonstrators outside Trump Tower on Tuesday morning. ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow

Manhattan Trembles after the Trump Win. @LizPeek, @FiscalTimes.

"Here’s what else happened in the 2016 election: voters decided to put the Clintons and their greedy corruption out to pasture. Clinton had everything going for her: a compliant media, a popular president in her corner, over a billion dollars in campaign fund and a well-organized party apparatus.

At the end, none of it mattered. Clinton had no message and no vision. She wandered as a candidate, portraying herself alternately as a benevolent grandma, a firebrand progressive and a champion of women and children.

In the closing weeks of the campaign she was the angry, shrill prude offended by Donald Trump’s lewd remarks about women, while at the same time lauding Jay Z’s foul lyrics. There is noting genuine about Mrs. Clinton. She is a hypocrite and she is dishonest, and the voters know it...."