Episode 105 - Jeff Cannonball (CZW, Altered Boys, Black Kites)

Nov 12, 2016, 03:12 PM

In celebration of the release of Bloodlust: Tournament of Death over at Vice.com (Release Date: Nov 15), Damian sits down with one of the movies most memorable characters: Jeff Cannonball. But as Damian learned while making the doc, Jeff is no mere wrestler, Jeff is a basement playing, on the floor sleeping, front seat of the van riding, kid of the hardcore. Listen in as the two discuss going from playing Ieper fest to wrestling New Jack.

Also touched on:

Brought together by a Plastic Bomb

“It is very weird being called an Athlete”

Just two Friends of Tom hanging out

Finding punk from your rock dad

A Thin Line Fading: pre-Tear It Up and Reign Supreme

First show at a skate park

Asking about the cover song and discovering the CroMags

Q: “Are you into Punk?” “I don’t know”

Being made fun of for liking Unbroken

Black Coffee becomes Scared To Death

Loving Tear It Up

Seeing Blind Society

Getting into Wrestling before you could talk

Dad and the 2am Wrestling TV show


Be it the Ultimate Warrior or music: Loud Fast Rules!

Punk or Wrestling?

The death of Eddie Guerrero

XFilesX is super underrated

The importance of Mental

Mind Eraser

What’s worse breaking straight edge or Vegan?

UltraMantis Black

Pissed Jeans and Chikara

Tournament of Death as Wrestlemania

A Tear It Up t-shirt flip

ieperfest “Moshing to Strife”

A Myspace post for destiny: Getting into wrestling

Punk or Wrestling: the choice is yours

forming Altered Boys

“A full circle of weird violence”

Kevin Gill: the hardcore/wrestling connection

punk and juggalos

Homies is killer!

Mike McCarthy from For The Worse goes so deep

Gordon Solie Motherfuckers: a perfect band


An inside account of the Kenzan

and more!!!!!!