Christine Radogno, Trump's Cabinet, New License Plates - Connected To Chicago (11/20/2016)

Nov 18, 2016, 08:24 PM

Christine Radogno, Republican of the Illinois Senate 41st Legislative District, joins Bill Cameron. They discuss what’s new in a budget standoff in Springfield. They also discuss the gun problems in Chicago, and if repeat offenders should face increased jail time.

Bill is joined by Lynn Sweet from the Sun-Times, Ray Long of The Chicago Tribune, and Greg Hinz of Crain's. They look at Donald Trump’s cabinet choices and what it will mean for Chicago. They also talk about the proposed policies by the administration including ones regarding Muslims entering the country and the deportation of immigrants. Also Dick Durbin's decision to stay in the senate and not run against Rauner in 2018.

Jennifer Keiper looks at the Illinois Secretary of State's office beginning the process of renewing license plates. Secretary of State Jesse White says, due to a manufacturer's error the old plates have lost their luster making it difficult for law enforcement to see them. He explains how the program works and why, due to budget problems, this is being rolled out in phases rather than a total overhaul.