Upholding labour rights in the Middle East

Nov 03, 2011, 02:11 PM

In this interview we hear direct from two of Christian Aid’s partners in the Middle East who are working to improve labour rights for marginalised groups in their countries. Christeen Bushra works for Wadi el Nil, an organisation that helps quarry workers in Egypt. Quarry workers have to contend with hazardous working conditions, little pay, and even fewer human rights. Wadi el Nil has been working to establish trade unions to represent quarry workers, and provide training and equipment to improve safety in the workplace. Jesssica Nevo works for Christian Aid partner Kav LaOved, in Israel, and talks about how marginalised groups such as migrant workers are excluded from Israel’s labour laws, and subject to discrimination and abuse of their human rights. Kav LaOved has seen major successes this year in challenging the treatment of migrant workers and improving their legal rights. #Discrimination #Egypt #Inequality #Israel #Law #Legislation #Migrants #Poverty #Quarries

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