Episode 106 - Neil McLennan "Mackie" (BLITZ, Epic Problem)

Nov 19, 2016, 05:26 AM, Leslieville, Toronto, Canada

This is a big one for Damian! A LEGIT legend joins Turned Out A Punk this week as Mackie from Blitz and now Epic Problem sits down for a conversation! Sit in and listen as the two discuss Mackie’s journey through punk's early days, helping birth Oi and then walking away from music only to return to it 20 years later.

Also covered:

A email from a fan of the podcast that made Damian’s day!

People in Binbags: Seeing a punk

seeing Slade live: “There was only really Slade”

Being a Bootboy

Hearing the Ramones record

Seeing the Clash live


Going to the original Factory Club and fearing for your life

Blitz: “Hicks from the Sticks:

one scene but not friendly

clip location map