11/23/2016 Nate and the Noise Hour 1

Nov 23, 2016, 05:14 PM, Westside, Houston, United States

The show begins with music from Billboard’s Hot 100 Number Ones from 1984 because on this day in 1984, Doug Flutie threw his famous game winning hail marry pass against the Miami Hurricanes. The guys give their opinion on NCAA ordering Notre Dame’s football team to vacate their wins after an academic violation, and Nate believes the NCAA rules and violations shouldn’t exist because the NCAA is so stupid and so over-the-top ridiculous. They switch topics to the NFL and discuss the Indianapolis Colts vs. Pittsburgh Steelers matchup tomorrow and how big the game will be with Andrew Luck injured. Nate and the guys also go over the NFL Thanksgiving schedule. USA Today’s Dan Wolken joins the show to talk the NCAA punishing Notre Dame and how it will impact their future, college football games this weekend, Texas’ Charlie Strong situation and how they’ve handled it and how the Michigan vs. Ohio State game this weekend will be an elimination game for either team from the College Football Playoffs. #NFL #NCAAF #NCAA #NotreDame #CharlieStrong #TexasLonghorns #DougFlutie #BillboardHot100

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