Into the Dark Ep. 6: Sex with Demons and Ghost Law (Feat. Walter Stephens)

Nov 23, 2016, 09:02 PM

Walter Stephens, currently a visiting professor at Yale, talks about renaissance witch trials and theories of witchcraft, including sex with demons, riding brooms, and succubi and incubi. Into the Dark can't recommend his book, Demon Lovers, enough for anyone interested in the history of witchcraft and witch trials. It is detailed, accessible, and relevant to our times. Laws related to ghosts, how to cleanse a home of spirits, and a healing spell are also discussed. Into the Dark also delves into recent witchcraft news, including a call for spells and rituals against Donald Trump. (For more about Witches Against Trump, go to

Listener Questions: What is the relationship between ghosts and the law?

Books Discussed: Demon Lovers: Witchcraft, Sex, and the Crisis of Belief (

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