DLG1646_Leslie Goshko is great at too many things.


Editors NOTE: Leslie had a CRAZY childhood! It involves alcohol, speaking in tongues and a family illness. All of which Leslie has triumphed. Although we sum it up nicely in this session, for more detail, please listen to our previous therapy session from a BAM project here: http://www.bam.org/visualart/2014/what-makes-you-so-special

As Leslie says: "This was such a fun interview to do and it was an honor to be the guest on Lisa Levy's Radio Free Brooklyn show, "Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t!" We talk music, Hairspray, piano karaoke, comedy, booze, church, and bad therapists." We also discuss all the creative roads Leslie has to go down and what an embarrassment of riches can be like.

Leslie Goshko (Huffington Post Comedy) is the host and creator of the monthly storytelling series, Sideshow Goshko, which has been hailed as a Time Out New York and New York Times “Critics’ Pick”, and also noted as “a well-programmed night” by the New York Times.Sideshow Goshkohas been featured on TruTV’sImpractical Jokers, NPR’sSnap Judgment, and in The New Yorker. http://sidgolds.com/event/piano-karaoke-with-leslie-goshko-2-2016-11-20-2017-01-08/2017-01-08/

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Nov 29, 2016, 09:49 PM
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