The Rider: Return Of The Melia

Dec 01, 2016, 04:41 PM

Huge week for The Rider. Ian Skelly from The Coral on the phone talking about their upcoming tour and forthcoming exhibition at Redhouse Originals gallery in Harrogate.

It is a show detailing the work on their most recent album Distance Inbetween, showing the work Ian did on the design and the process behind the album. He also talks about that album and how it has been received, along with the whole span of the band and the excitement around the tour with its wide array of supporting artists.

More? Of course there is more. The Rider is delighted as a collective to see Adam Melia back from his North American journey. He lets us know what he has been up to. John Gibbons misses the start of the show - he has work going on with the house. Neil Atkinson and Stephanie Heneghan welcome Adam back into the bosom of The Rider family, discuss weekends and moments around Roger Sanchez.

Eleven great songs this week. Eleven. Count them. Walk around them. You never know, you could be about to hear your new favourite band.


JP Klipspringer - Words For Me Circa waves - Wake Up The Raveonettes - Fast Food Elsa - Never Come Down The Courtneys - Silver Velvet The Coral - Miss Fortune Soft Shug - Hermes Lupe Fiasco - Made In The USA (Feat. Bianca Sings) Lambchop - JFK The Darcys - Miracle BANNERS - Holy Ground