The Mojo Radio Show - Ep 102 : Optimise the Hardware and Software of Your Mind - Ryan Munsey

Dec 03, 2016, 11:06 AM

Smart Drugs, Breakfast, Performance and Mojo - How They All Tie Together.

Ryan Munsey is one of the most rounded and informative guys we have had on the show, for putting all the pieces together to optimise your body and mind so as to get your mojo working.

A former athlete, NY fitness model, personal trainer & nutritionist, he now runs House Of Strength, training a wide variety of athletes from around the world.

A best-selling author, Ryan hosts the Optimal Performance Podcast and writes for leading publications like Men's Health.

We dig into smart drugs, the best breakfast choices, maximising your performance, and how to optimise the brain, gain focus and more.

We’re getting mentally soft, physically weak, slower and here we cover off how to change that.

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