The Mojo Radio Show - Ep 103: The Rituals, Habits and Creative Writing Secrets of an Aussie Rock Icon- Iva Davies.


A Total Masterclass in Writing and Creativity with Australian (and Internationally renown) Rock Icon Iva Davies

To close Rocktober 2016, we interview one of Australia’s greatest ever songwriters, front man for iconic Aussie band Icehouse - Iva Davies.

Iva led Icehouse to an amazing 28 platinum records, 8 top 10 albums and 30 top 40 singles.

We dig into Iva’s creative writing process, his experimentation in musical instruments and sound, and how that led to the band writing some of the most iconic anthems in Australian rock music.

This show uncovers useable, practical tips and tools for writing regardless of whether its copy for a presentation, website, a speech or a poem. If you have a desire to enhance your writing skills, you will find this show GOLD. Iva’s musical skills for writing extend from rock to soundtracks for Hollywood films, ballet, television and special events like the Olympics.

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Dec 03, 2016, 01:18 PM
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