Episode 108 - Tony Erba Part #2 (H100s, 9 Shocks Terror, GSMF, FYPM, etc)

Dec 03, 2016, 09:39 PM

The path to the Turned Out A Punk Live Tour continues! This week Damian welcomes Tony Erba back to the show! Join the Cleveland legend as he sits down with Damian to talk Gordon Solie Motherfuckers’ bladejobs, joy and regrets.

Also touched on:

The first part 2!

Tony will behave this time…

How Gordon Solie Motherfuckers came together

A connoisseur of trash culture

the secret cult of 90s wrestling

Watching Annihilation Time become something

the antics at GSMF shows

Bischof sucks

GSMF: loser leaves town

Ruination: the supergroup

Mike Woodford: “Purveyor Of Fine Filth”

The Step Sister experiment

AntiSeen: “Reckon, we’ll watch shot interviews all day”

A pcp-fueled nightmare

the Propagandhi/ Face Value tour hang comes up again

NoFX show up to stay with Dwid and Tony one night…

Cheap Tragedies come together

“We want the more Face Value Tony Erba”

“You can either love what I do or not”

Why did Upstab have to end?!?

The curse of being anchored to your stuff

The awesomeness of Scotty Tankcrimes

How Fuck You Pay Me Come Together

Nemesis Records rules!

Playing with Foghat

Boom and Legion Of Doom: Throwing meat and fighting Youth Of Today

“Dwid’s in jail, I’m his brother Jim”