Roland Allnach's Vessels, Determining Your Baby, Nature Awakenings

Dec 03, 2016, 11:54 PM

Guest: Roland Allnach

With dozens of national book awards, Roland Allnach returns to the strange and surreal path forged by his critically acclaimed Oddities and Entities with nine new tales in his newest horror-speculative fiction book, Vessels. Sometimes you need to be broken to be made whole. It may seem like sci-fi, but we care getting closer to determining everything you want in the child you want to conceive. Girl, blue eyes, 5’9”, smart, loves music may not be in the too distant future. Is this a good thin? Find out in Health Matters with Heather Brittany and Cynthia Brian. Create your own garden of healing and inspiration by incorporating simple elements. To dream, awaken and heal with Goddess Gardener, Cynthia Brian. If you really want to indulge in the free wellness program designed by Mother Nature, it’s in your best interest to get out there and dig deeply.

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