Calvin Laing exhibiting work at Aristo's

Nov 08, 2011, 02:13 PM

My work is mainly performance, video and sound; I explore the potential of objects and situations, usually using myself as a ready made to interact with the object or the situation in a serious and comical way.

Within my work I explore the concept of performance art and documentation. The aspect that is of particular importance is the existence of the work. The whole idea of reproduction of performance, what happens to the work when it is changed, altered, re-performed and the uniqueness of the ‘happening’ and experience of viewing the work. I am interested in preserving that visceral presence that a 'live' performance would hold and transferring or altering it to another medium, for example video work, sound... Therefore I use a raw immediate aesthetic to deliver my ideas to give that instant keeping it spontaneous and exciting.

clip location map