DLG1647_Singer/Songwriter Emily Frembgen plays incredible live music and I prod her to talk about her mom.

Dec 07, 2016, 04:41 PM

Have you heard Emily's music? It's wonderful!! https://soundcloud.com/emilyfrembgen I developed an earworm of the good kind after hearing her new song, Butterfly, live on the show. It touches stuff. I really enjoyed having her on. You will wind up playing it over and over like I did. She plays other great songs after we therapize for a bit-so listen through. My take is that Emily is a very self-contained no bullshit lady. I think that comes from being brought up by her single mom, who also very independent. She has made her own way truly on her own a lot and has come out with some excellent music as a result. From New York, LA, Denver, 9/11 (as a teen!) I get Emily tell me her journey. Stories of acting and singing since childhood. Home schooling. I got the feeling she doesn't look to spill unless she's asked. I also mangle her name a buncha times-it's hard-not enough vowels! #EmilyFrembgen #music #comedy #singersongwriter #art #psychotherapy