Today program - 8th Dec 2016

Dec 08, 2016, 09:36 AM

A painful appearance mostly spent correcting research put out by London Central Portfolio suggesting a melt down in high end property. LCP interrogate the latest Land Registry data set for their numbers but this does mean that they are using incomplete data due to the time lag updating the records. Further more HMRC publish Stamp Duty receipts every month which confirm that in 1999/00 they raised £3.2bn and last year £10.7bn. The total will no doubt fall as transactions slow but we haven't seen this yet and claims that it has are refuted by the likes of Knight Frank and Savills whom I have spoken to. All we can really say is that the pendulum has swung from it being a sellers market to being a buyers market. Nice to finally meet business presenter Dominic O'Connell at last. Nice chap.