Kate Burns, EVP at The Dugout

Dec 09, 2016, 07:30 AM

Kate joined The Dugout in May 2016 as Executive Vice President. The company has set out to connect football fans to the world’s greatest clubs and players – giving you exclusive behind-the-scenes content and access, all in one place. In a world first, they’re giving fans one platform that delivers unrivalled access to their favourite clubs and players - away from the noise of multiple social media and news sites.

Prior to joining The Dugout, Kate was European General Manager at Buzzfeed, has been CEO of AOL Europe and was Google's first employee outside of the US in 2001. So brings a wealth of experience into the UK startup.

In our chat we covered quite a few areas including; - What is The Dugout and how is it unique? - Kate's role within the company - How they managed bring in some of the biggest football clubs in the world - The research and insights that led to the launch of The Dugout - How they will compliment and work alongside social platforms - What fans can expect from the platform in terms of exclusive content from clubs and players - How the revenue model will work and if they will move beyond advertising - What she learnt at AOL and Buzzfeed that are helping shape the direction the platform will go - How they're trying to overcome some of the apathy from within the sports tech industry and concentrating on the fans needs - What success looks like in 1 year and 5 years time - The reasons she left Buzzfeed after only 1 year and the attraction of working for a London based tech company

You can find out more for yourself on http://www.dugout.com and you can find Kate on Instagram as well as LinkedIn .

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