Marisa Anderson on church, state, the USA, Appalachian folk, guitar playing, Portland, & "Into the Light'

Dec 09, 2016, 05:00 AM

Marisa Anderson is a gifted musician who hails from Sonoma, California but currently calls Portland, Oregon home. Though somewhat under the radar, Anderson is renowned as one of the finest guitarists in the world. Emerging as a lively interpreter of Delta blues and Appalachian folk music, Anderson has been embraced by free and improvised music aficionados for the history of guitar styles and techniques that flow through her fingers. Her latest album is bolstered by electric piano and pedal and lap steel guitar and finds Anderson exploring the west, as it sits and as it stands in a contemporary, border conscious America. The record is called Into the Light and it’s one of the finest records to have come out in 2016. Marisa has been touring extensively since its release in June and she recently played Guelph so I invited her into our home for pizza and a far-reaching conversation about her country, her life, her work, and how all of that might relate to the world. So here now is myself and the great Marisa Anderson on Kreative Kontrol.

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