Episode 109 - Lars Frederiksen Part #2 (Rancid, Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards, The Old Firm Casuals, UK Subs)

Dec 09, 2016, 12:54 PM

How many sequels are truly better than the originals? Well like Alien and Godfather, this may somehow be better than Part #1. Lars returns to the show to talk about how he joined Rancid, almost robbing a 7-11 and poop stories.

Also touched on:


Two charter boxes back again

Respecting Op Ivy

South Bay versus North Bay

Nothing to do as kids

Berkeley: Fugazitown

Recording with a John Bradburry from the Specials.. who was wasted.

Opening for the three piece Rancid

Ben Zanidito was on there waiting for Lars to check out Rancid

Meeting Brett Reed when the UK Subs didn’t show up.

“If you don’t join this band, I’m going to beat the fucking shit out”

hating Emo

An Econochrist debate

Special Forces

Loving Grimple

“He’s talking shit on you!”

The Berkeley Naked Dude is in the pit: you’ve made it

The second time meeting Brett Gurewitz

The first tour

Davey Havok rules

Meeting Sick Of It All for the first time

NYHC: The Original American Skinheads

West Coast Punk meets East Coast Hardcore

Sick Of It All has some amazing backstage entertainment!!!!!!!

“Hey I’m goin’ throw you a Birthday Rope!” Fugazi Critique

From GBH, to Bikini Kill to Bad Religion to Sick Of It All to The Frumpies: Rancid had some range of friends!

John Henry West RULES!

Tim Yo hating you

When things started changing

The story of Salvation

Tourng with the Offspring

Dealing with Majors

Writing on the road

How things would have been different if out come the wolves had been written on a major label

“You didn’t really know”

Meeting the Swingin’ Utters and almost robbing a 7-11

Having to turn down heroes

Lars’ amazing run of records he produced