The Gift of Writing

Dec 09, 2016, 06:19 PM

The Be the Star You Are!® teens are gifted writers as well as radio reporters. Hosts Zahra Hasanain and Brigitte Jia share their personal poems and essays as well as talk with reporters Maria Wong and Katie Choo about writing. As avid readers and writers, they the chapter on writing from the book, Be the Star You Are!® for TEENS by Cynthia Brian. With the enormous talent of our Express Yourself!™ Star Team, these reporters may soon be contributing to the next Be the Star You Are!® empowerment book bound for publication. Maria talks about the various ways to express oneself through writing via journaling, exhanging letters with penpals in foreign countries, or penning poems and songs. Katie discusses avenues to careers in writing which can begin with writing for the school newspaper, yearbook, designing a website, or blog then lead to jobs in the field. If you love to write, write on! It is a gift to all.

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